Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trigger foods

So as any of you who have struggled nearly all their lives with weight, you know that there is always a list (large or small) of trigger foods. I define trigger foods as the following:

Trigger foods- certain types of food that once they are around, you can't say no to eating them; once you start eating them, you can't stop at just "a little"- foods that trigger you to binge (on that certain food or foods)

I think a lot of you know what I'm talking about. For instance, if I order pizza, I can eat nearly the whole thing in one sitting most of the time. Tonight I ate the whole thing in one sitting (the only redeeming qualities were the thin whole-wheat crust and that it was covered in veggies and less cheese than usual). Another occasion is either when I make cookies or someone else makes cookies. I can't just eat one or two and feel satisfied. I have to eat like 4 or 5- you know, when I feel like I'm about to lapse into a sugar coma.

I don't binge-eat on EVERYTHING I eat- just a select number of foods.

Tonight after eating a whole pizza (even though it was as healthy as a pizza can be made), I have decided to stop eating trigger foods altogether, at least until I can get control of my eating habits. To start small, I'm going to make myself go at least a week without any trigger foods. My list of trigger foods is as follows:

Stephanie's List of Trigger Foods
  • Pizza
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Pasta (of any kind)
  • Cookies (especially peanut butter, sugar, or chocolate chip)
  • Bread (the white, processed "crap" kind- whole wheat doesn't trigger me to overeat)
  • Chips
  • Rice (only white rice- brown rice doesn't taste good enough for me to binge on)
Here's to kicking my trigger food habit once and for all. Maybe one day I can be one of those people with a healthy perspective on eating the things they like to eat, just in small quantities.

Here are 3 questions I have for those of you who can relate.

1. What are YOUR trigger foods?
2. How do you cope with the urge to binge when they are around?
3. Have you ever overcame the problem of binging on "trigger" foods? If so, how did you do it?


  1. 1. Pizza, lasagna, breads, candy, and white pastas. (READ: Sugar!)
    2. As for pizza, I live in NY - usually what I do is JUST get a single slice from the pizza place, and take it home to eat it, with a tsp of EVOO drizzled over top. If I'm out somewhere, I can usually keep to once slice if I eat it VERY slowly, with a fork and knife (SO not a NY thing to do!)
    3. Most of the time, I am in control. Candy is the hardest for me...the sugar just makes me eat more and more till I feel sick.

    I'm really trying to pay attention to my hunger level - it helps...but not ALWAYS.....

  2. I make a dish my mom loves but its very unhealthy.
    6 potatoes peeled and cubed
    1 package of skinless smoked sausage cubed
    1 large onion diced
    1 red pepper diced
    1 green pepper diced
    1 jalapeno diced

    Fry potatoes on medium heat. Once most of them are browned add the sausage. Cook for about 10 minutes then add the onion. Cook for about 5 minutes then add the peppers, turn the heat down to low and cover stirring occasionally. Add salt and pepper to your liking.

    I learned to make this while taking care of an elderly woman in her home. She needed full assistance so I had to cook for her. This was one of her favorite meals although she made it a little different. She didn't use the jalapeno pepper and she added garlic. Regardless, now I've made it for my family and they love it! There isn't ever any left! This is BAD!

    This dish along with pizza is currently the only trigger foods that I realize I have.

    I am struggling with my urge to eat these foods and I've not yet found a way to overcome this! I think someone should take this dish and make it healthy and share it with me to try!