Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'm SO sorry for not posting since March 4th. Yikes! A lot has been going on. What has been going on since my last post, you ask?
  • Had my grad school interview on March 10th. I should know my admission status relatively soon (within another week or two) and am chomping at the bit! I seriously check my email so many times a day now (they said the admission letter would come via email)!
  • Suffered from insane allergies- hello allergy medications that are so strong they make you woozy and dazed!
  • Drove to Sedona, Arizona on Spring Break vacation with my mom and a family friend...and of course Marshall!
  • Got a 24 hour stomach virus that made me miserable for part of the vacation
  • Gave my mom the stomach virus 3 days later :(
  • Drove to the Grand Canyon and took some amazing pictures! (will post them next time)
  • Went on a jeep tour through the mountains of beautiful Sedona
  • Drove home and am back in the good ole state of TX!
  • Got a pedicure- my feet look awesome now!
  • Went on a couple dates with Court- I missed him so much!
  • Saw Hall Pass last night- a must see!
  • Had a revelation about my food choices when I was sick (I thought it was food poisoning at first, but since my mom got sick the same way I was 3 days later I guess it was a virus- sad face)- will make a whole post about that another day (or perhaps later today? depends on if I get time)
So as you can see, I have been a busy bee! I don't know how some of my favorite bloggers (see Blog Roll) make time to post TWICE a day while working full-time jobs and caring for their loved ones. I work full-time and by the time I get home from work I'm too tired to do anything except relax or maybe cook dinner! Props to you bloggers who can work full-time AND post twice a day. Perhaps if I had access to a computer at work I could make more time to post, but working with 1st graders leaves no time for computers, haha.

How has everybody's month of March been? Anything exciting going on?

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