Sunday, November 28, 2010


Usually, I'm not a procrastinator at all. In fact, I'm that overachiever student who gets my homework done as soon as it's assigned. If I don't get something done right away, I always end up feeling like I'm falling behind in life (even if it's just one class). Well, I've known about the option to do an extra credit paper for two classes (Social Psychology and Adaptive Psychology) that I have the same professor for ever since the first day of school. They are due tomorrow, if you so choose to do them. I'm also the student who never passes up extra credit unless I have a 100 in the class. Well, I have an A in both classes, but I'm always one to make sure my grade is as secure as possible, so I usually end up doing the extra credit. Sure enough, with the stresses of working two jobs, being a full time student, and maintaining my relationships (family, boyfriend, and friends) while taking time to play with my dog and take some time for myself, November 29th (tomorrow) sure crept up on me like a thief in the night.

Each paper has to be 5 pages double spaced (easy enough-seriously, as a psych major I do so much writing that 5 pages can be done in an hour or two for me, given the right amount of motivation) and in perfect APA format to be counted for the full extra credit points. All it will do is boost the grade of my 2nd lowest test grade for both classes (the prof drops the lowest test grade), but I figure every little bit will help in case I need some extra security (yes, I'm that overachieving-A student-who-always-feels-worried-my-A-will-go-away-if-I-don't-do-extra-credit).

Once I get back into town and whatnot, I plan to sit myself down in the library with coffee in tow and bust out these bad boys. An update will be given when I finish. Thank goodness the professor isn't looking for high quality papers, as long as they're APA format and stay on-topic to the topic we choose to write about, the extra credit is mine! Bwahahahahaha *evil laugh*

My topic of choice for Social Psychology is going to be a comparative analysis of aggression among women and men. The hypothesis I'm going to "test" is that women are becoming progressively more aggressive in recent years and that soon enough they will be aggressive just as often as men.

My topic of choice for Adaptive Psychology is going to be a comparative analysis of the benefits of short-term mating among men and women (you know, one-night-stands!). The hypothesis I'm going to "test" is that short-term mating is beneficial to men because (a) men can "sow their seeds" in more places and (b) men can reproduce essentially until they die, so the more sexual partners the better. One-night-stands are beneficial to women because (a) women can find a potential long-term mate in the plethora of sexual partners they acquire over time and (b) women eventually want to find a long-term relationship so sleeping with a lot of guys could help her find the "right" one to reproduce with eventually (when she feels like settling down).*Keep in mind this class takes into account the evolutionary aspect of psychology, so basically how we've adapted over the years. I don't necessarily agree with all of these things, but it works for a paper (haha). So this class is purely based on scientific/evolution-related theories, not idealistic theories that suggest men want a monogamous relationship and whatnot (I still believe men want to commit, they just have to mature first haha)*

What do you guys think about these theories/topics? Any interesting idea to add onto this that I could talk about in my paper(s)?

End of one of my first nerdy blogs to come.


  1. Hey, Stephanie thanks for following me!

    I had a similar topic in Soc Psych, but we had to do a study. As a group, we wanted to look at who was more likely to be unfaithful, and also, why people were unfaithful. A lot of the research kinda points to what you're saying men - seeds sown, and women - more potential partners = likelihood of better provider.

    Good luck on your papers!

  2. Thanks! It's nice to know you're familiar with waht I'm talking about :)