Saturday, February 19, 2011

Heck yeah!!

I got an interview to the grad program I really want to go to! It's March 10th and I can't wait!

Yesterday at work was kind of rough but at the end of the day, things started to look up. After school on Fridays, I tutor a small group of some 5th graders who need extra help. At the end of tutoring, someone wrote on the board that I rock (she wrote Ms. ____ rocks! I don't want to write my last name on here haha) and then another girl said "you're the best teacher!" so I told her that made me really happy to hear that and that's what I'm here for.

Ahhhh it makes me feel so much better on days when I feel discouraged, the days I feel like I don't know anything about teaching (I tutored the men's basketball team in college, but tutoring is a lot different than teaching I've found out), that I still am making a difference. That's what I want to do, so I feel so much better knowing that I'm making a difference in helping someone learn. Last week, one of my 4th graders that I tutor after school also told me "I like tutoring with you best because I learn more". I think I must be better at tutoring than teaching because when I try to teach in the class I work in during the day (1st grade) I seem to be at a loss on what to do sometimes.

HOWEVER, I've been helping a small group of kids in the first-grade class who have a hard time with reading and now they're starting to read! Maybe I do make a difference. It's just some days I feel like a total "newb" and feel so lost. It happens, right?

So all in all, yesterday turned out to be a GREAT day :) I love working with the kids (1st, 4th, and 5th grades) and they are great.

What do you love about your job?


  1. Congrats, girl! Remind us closer to the day and I will send some Ts& Ps your way!

    I love hearing your work stories - things like that from the kids are what makes the roughest days worthwhile. My K kids tell me, "I love you, Ms. J" which is like, LITERALLY the best thing ever...

    I'm sure you're making a difference...and even if you only make a difference to ONE kid (Which it sounds like there are more!) that is a HUGE deal. :)

  2. I love them at that age, where they say "I love you Ms. K) and give me hugs haha

    How is your job situation going with the principal at your school?

  3. The principals are still horrible. One of my colleages/friends just resigned bc of the way they treat her.

    Another friend had a fever of 102 Friday (the nurse checked it for her, lol), told the principal that bc of this she would be showing a movie that wasn't in her lesson plans (it was our last day before our break, she didn't want to ask to go home)...and the principal told her "You're too clumsy and sick all of the time. You need to learn how to deal and get through it."

    The situation remains horrible and it's stressful going to work every day. The prospect of public school in the fall doesn't look too good bc the NY governor is cutting school budgets this year.

    I'm not sure how I can teach there for another year, IF I get invited back. Not to mention, I am a middle school teacher, teaching K. I love the K kids, but it's not my lot in life!

    I'm just trying to plug through. I will know if they are re-offering me a contract in April, so until then, I will just keep on plugging - for my kids, not for the psychos.