Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I was in the final stretch of school and I just graduated COLLEGE yesterday! I graduated Magna Cum Laude as well as the Psychology department's Outstanding Fall 2010 graduate. Woot woot!

Since then, I've lost another 1.8 pounds, which puts me at 6.2 pounds lost in 5 weeks! However, this week I have not been motivated to eat well at ALL. Christmas treats are putting a damper on my intentions to eat, but I will overcome them tomorrow!

Well, this whole week I have been a nervous wreck. I've been up, and I've been down. I would be lying if I said I didn't cry a few times this week. Thankfully I have a wonderful boyfriend who was there for me through each breakdown and was there to pick me back up. My wonderful family and friends were there to celebrate my big day with me yesterday and that is all I can ask for! Here are a few pictures from the day.

My boyfriend of almost 3 years. I met him at that wonderful school I just graduated from.

My wonderful daddy! 

My awesome mom!

Getting ready to turn my tassle...

Just graduated!! Woohoo!

Now comes the part you really don't need to read. This part is for me to later look back on and reflect on the
reflection, so to say.

I always knew in my heart that Tarleton State University was the college I was meant to attend for my undergraduate career. I have killer intuition, and it always steers me in the right direction. My intuition steered me here. As I was about to graduate high school, I couldn't wait to get out and "be an adult" independent of my parents and free of rules. Little did I know, right? As my time to actually move there was approaching, I found myself becoming really, really, REALLY scared. I cried my second day there as I was barely making it through band camp (yes, I did marching band my first two years there). After I pulled myself together and started meeting people, the anxiety quickly subsided and I met my boyfriend. He played tuba and I played bass drum in the drumline. The first thing he ever said to me was when he was standing behind me in a line to get band t-shirts when I was wearing a shirt I got when I went to Hawaii the previous summer. He said "did you go to Hawaii?" and I remember thinking what a dork he was for asking such a stupid question. Apparently he thought I might have been from Hawaii because I was so tan at the time LOL! Little did I know he would become someone I love with everything I have and dream of marrying someday (when we're ready, of course!).

Enter classes starting. I remember how high school was SOOOO easy and I didn't have to actually put forth any effort to succeed. When my midterm grades came out I had an F, 2 D's, 2 C's, and an A (in marching band). Yeah, pretty bad. That was my rude awakening and I got my grades up, no worries (they weren't great, but I only got 2 C's and the rest were B's and the A in marching band). It was then that my parents said they weren't paying for C's so don't worry- no more C's after that! I remember looking at that set of midterm grades and thinking I needed to find a job that didn't require a degree quick because I thought I wasn't smart enough to make it through college. Funny how that all turned out, right?

My boyfriend and I were friends during that first semester (he was the one who took me home after my first drunken experience, haha) and quickly became closer over the Christmas break. I got his phone number on Facebook and sent him a random text saying hi and it was all history from there. He told me he liked me in January 2008 and I said I liked him too, but he was always too shy to make a move. Finally, he worked up the courage to hold my hand and we became official on February 10, 2008. Being with him actually made me a better student, friend, daughter, overall a better person.

As the years progressed, I learned how to get in my "groove" and make mostly A's in my classes. Psychology (my major) has always been something I've been passionate about, and I believe that really made a difference in my grades. I found my calling and it showed. Now I'm applying to grad school for Fall 2011 admission to hopefully get into the School Psychology program :)

Yesterday is still a blur to me. I've been trying to piece together the moments leading up to graduation as well as the moments during the ceremony. After the ceremony is no problem recalling because my heart was able to get to a reasonable rate again, haha. The reason I chose the pictures to put up on this blog is as simple as this: these are the people that helped me get through it all. My dad was always there to remind me to never give up and to give 110% into everything I did. My mom was always there to listen to me vent about the bad days I had and to offer support and compassion. My boyfriend showed me strategies to be better student. He also was there to hug me and kiss me when I had a bad day and when I needed someone to help me get through something. Lastly, myself. Why, you ask? Because I can have the help of other people, but in the end you have to WANT something and work hard to achieve it. Nobody can do your accomplishments but you. I had the catalysts to push me in the right direction, but I chose to go in the right direction.

End long rambling :)

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