Thursday, January 6, 2011

Awesome graduation gift!

For the past year or so, I have so desperately wanted a queen-sized bed. After I got Marshall in March, my wish became more of a need. A twin-sized bed for a full grown woman of average height and size (5'5'') and a 92 pound lab just got...cramped. My parents got me an awesome Canon Rebel XS (a kickass camera!) for my graduation present and my grandparents just bought me this awesome bed yesterday. It was delivered this morning and I love it (as much as you can love a bed, haha)!

Marshall likes it too, see?

I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful family! And now I am fortunate to have such an awesome bed.

Tomorrow Court and I are going to see the Dallas Stars play the New York Rangers. My Christmas present to him was the tickets for he and I to go see the game. I got us decent seats and it didn't cost near as much as I would have thought. I can't wait! Pictures to come soon.

On another note, the only GHG I did not meet was the 2 tsp of healthy oil. I got 1 tsp of EVOO today, but came short of the second teaspoon. I want to save all my WP's for tomorrow in case I eat badly when we get to Dallas so I didn't use any WP's for the extra teaspoon of oil. Such is life. I met all my other GHG's and ate all 29 of my DP's. I feel great! :) Here's to a bigger loss next week!

Any fun plans for the weekend?


  1. Awesome!! I love my queen sized bed, bought it about 2 years ago. To keep it fluffy year round I also purchased a down topper.

  2. Hooray new bed! I love the linens on there, I think I considered that set - I need a new set soon.

    Happy Sleeping! (And booo to NYR...I'm from Long

  3. Kandyce- I'll have to look into that! How much do they cost usually? Can you get it at Bed Bath and Beyond or what?

    KJ- I got that bed set at Kohl's in December 2009. The comforter is a full-sized but it still fits on my new bed :) What is your home hockey team? I don't really keep up with Hockey, my sweet boyfriend is a huge Stars fan though :)