Monday, January 3, 2011

Down for the count

So on New Years Eve I woke up feeling like crap- turns out I have a cold. I started feeling a lot better yesterday and then today I woke up and felt MISERABLE. I finally got my headache to go away and feel a little better after eating something, but I just feel awful. I've been loading myself up with vitamin C, vitamin D, and lots of medicine.

It's nice being able to relax since I haven't got a spot for my tutoring gig yet, but this is getting old. Go figure the time I finally decide to get back into working out I get sick enough to where working out would just make my cold worse :(

I had a big huge bowl of tomato bisque last night from my favorite store ever (shout out to Central Market!) and didn't think it would be as many points as it turned out to be. I also had a piece of foccacia bread and knew it would be higher in points than normal bread. So basically my dinner put me 1 point in the red for the week and I'm trying to get better so I can earn back some AP's to put me out of the red.

I stepped on the scale this morning for a sneak peek and it says I'm up .6 from Thursday but I have a feeling it's because my dinner last night was very salty. I'm not too worried about gaining again this week because most of that was probably just water weight from yesterday's lack of enough water and too much salt.

Here's to sitting on the couch watching the entire season of The Next Iron Chef on Food Network (the one where Forgione wins, or however you spell his name) and relax with my dog.

I now leave you with a cute picture of my spoiled pooch, Marshall. This was taken the other night when it was time to go to bed and he was wayyyy too tired to get off the couch. Hence the dirty look that says "but momma I don't wanna get off the couch, I'm too tired!"

It's such a rough life being Marshall.


  1. Colds suck :(. I'm so thankful I haven't gotten one yet, because I know that would be the end of me right now.

    I don't know if you have a Giant foods nearby, but their brand of soup (Nature's Market? Something like that) is REALLY good - they have a tomato version of it. Probably not quite as good as the tomato bisque you had, but it might do the trick (2 or 3 P+ for a cup). They've also got roasted red pepper & tomato (my favorite), and butternut squash (my 2nd favorite) :).

  2. Dang, we don't have one! That all sounds great! B-nut squash is my favorite veggie ever next to tomatoes! haha

    Thankfully the cold is going away! :)