Monday, January 31, 2011


This post was inspired by a post I saw over at Carrots 'n' Cake and thought it would be fun to post.

Sorry for the fuzziness, this picture was taken by my camera phone a long time ago (picture of a picture, anyone?).

Anyway, I turned 5 years old in 1994 and started kindergarten that year. I was very into playing with my grandma's makeup as you can see, and I loved wearing bows and cute dresses and skirts. That phase didn't last too long until I went through the tom-boy phase and then sort of adopted a middle ground between girly and tom-boy. My favorite TV show was Barney, and I also liked to watch Thomas the Tank Engine. Pocahontas and The Lion King came out when I was 5, as well (although they either came out in 1994 or 1995- I was still 5 for part of 1995) and they were my favorite movies of all time. One year I was Pocahontas for Halloween and had Pocahontas clothes, dolls, and sheets. I think I even had a Pocahontas sleeping bag! haha. Pocahontas was the first movie I ever cried in (when they were about to kill John Smith) and The Lion King was the second movie (who doesn't cry at the part where Mufasa dies?) I ever cried in.

I learned to read in 1994 and had a hard time drawing inside the lines. My handwriting was horrible, but hey I was making large academic strides that year :) When I was 5 (not sure if it was the 1994 part of 1995 part) I also got a black eye from a pinata incident at a friend's birthday party (her mom sat us too close to the pinata and the kid who swung at the pinata hit my eye instead- OUCHHH!) and soon after burned my hand with hot coffee at the 7-11 while my grandma was in line paying for cigarettes for herself and an icee for myself (I got too impatient to wait so I started to get coffee and it spilled on my hand instead) and the hot coffee burned the skin off my hand. This pretty much explains my still persistent lack of patience, but it's progressively getting better.

Who were you in 1994?

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