Monday, January 10, 2011

Drunken Pooch

Is it just me (and my mom) or does Marshall look drunk?

LOL. I have the goofiest dog on the planet!

I don't really have anything interesting to say today. I'm not sure how many more lazy days I can have until I'm processed for my new job through HR so I went full-on lazy today. No makeup, stayed in PJs all day, sat on the couch and watched TV. 

Court went back to school today (not school school, but just back to the town) and stopped by to say hi/bye on his way out. I gave him a bunch of casserole leftovers from what I made tonight to make sure he has enough to eat and I'll get to see him again either mid-week and/or this weekend. This weekend should be for sure, but mid-week dinner is up in the air. It feels weird for him to be going back to school and I'm still here at home. No textbooks to buy, no going back to school. 

I'm starting a new big girl job, though! It's my first job that requires a college degree so that feels pretty cool. Part of me is saying that HR needs to get me processed through so I can start working ASAP and the other part of me wants to go back to college and do all the things I got used to doing for the last 3 years. 90% of me is excited to be "growing up" and the other 10% wants to stay a kid forever. Sure, I'm not a full-blown "adult" yet since I still live with my parents and I don't pay ALL my bills yet, but it's a transition. I'd rather transition into it rather than be thrown into it saying "good luck!". Gradual change is my friend. I do not like change so it's optimal for me to sneak into it until it feels ok. Hey, if I get into grad school I can get back in my element of being a student and feel a little more comfortable again :)

I'm a lifelong learner, for serious. In 2 weeks I'm starting a photography class at TCU with my parents so we can learn how to use our super sophisticated cameras more effectively. I also want to work on being a real certified teacher and go to culinary school (those are both possible things, not necessarily mandatory- more like things that I want to do if I can ever find the time to do them haha). Oh and of course start grad school in August to become a School Psychologist and eventually get a PhD to be a college professor (those two things I really really really want to do!). See? School is my thing LOL. At least I get to work in one :)

Hmmmm...turns out I had something sort of interesting to say for today haha

How did you deal with the transition into adulthood?


  1. I'm about to be 28, and I'm pretty sure I'm still transitioning. I do pay all of my bills, have done so since I was about 23, have lived out on my own, and had to return home after living in NC/Unemployment...

    But I will tell you that when you have a job you love, the transition doesn't seem so hard.

    Maybe I'm an adult, but I'm not sure I will ever be a "grown up" lol

  2. I don't pay all of them, but when I was living on my own at school I paid my electric bill and for the internet and cable plus the bed I was renting. Now that I'm at home with my parents I don't have any bills to pay but after I save some money up I'm gonna try to start paying my cell phone and car insurance at least.

    Hopefully after grad school I can find a job I really love. And hopefully I love the job I'm going to start soon after HR processes me through!