Friday, January 21, 2011

Crazy whirlwind of a week!

I started my new job last Thursday as an orientation sort of thing but really really started getting into the work on Tuesday (we had MLK day off). If you want to know my job, scroll down a bit and it'll have a description somewhere in there haha. Anyway, this has been one crazy week! My job is so fun, and so busy. One good thing is we only get half an hour for lunch (because that's how long the kids get) and the school I work at isn't close to a restaurant really. This pretty much forces me to pack a lunch, which makes me more inclined to pack a healthy lunch. Also, when you spend 8 hours on your feet walking around answering questions of inquisitive first-graders, you burn lots of calories.

All this has led to a 1.6 pound weight loss this week! I've been playing with the same numbers ever since I moved home a month ago so it's nice to see a loss. This brings my total weight loss to 6.6 pounds lost. This is still snail speed since I've been on WW since November 11th, but at least I haven't GAINED weight. The scale is moving down, and that's all that matters. I wish I could lose weight Biggest Loser style, but the truth is that most of those contestants gain back a lot of that weight because no reality can accommodate 6-8 hour workouts a day and super clean eating 100% of the time. I'll take what I get as long as it's weight lost :)

Sorry I have been a bad blogger, by the way. My job is so exhausting and I'm still getting used to it. Right now, every day I come home from work and get in my PJs and just veg out. I'll get used to it and not have to crash so soon. For now though, sheesh I am tired!

I will say that my job has been very rewarding so far. It's nice to work with kids who give you hugs, say you look cute and beautiful, compliment your clothes and jewelry, and actually listen when you tell them to do something. These kids are great (most of the time hehe) and I really enjoy them :)

How was everybody's week? TGIF!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great week! Glad that job is off to a great start - I was wondering where you'd been - but I get it!!! ;-)