Friday, January 7, 2011

BIG NEWS! (yes, it deserves all caps)

Today I got a "big girl job"! It's going to pay me well enough to where I can pay my own way through grad school when that starts in August (assuming I get in *crosses fingers*) plus the people I'm going to be working with seem really great!

The job is at an elementary school working in a first grade classroom. The job title is called "compliance substitute" which basically means I'm going to help the teacher with the everyday things they do in class plus in the afternoon I'd take a small group of kids to another place to help them with parts of the lessons they aren't understanding. I enjoyed tutoring in college, and I think this will be just as fun if not more.

This has been a really good day! Soon my boyfriend and I are going to head to the train station that will take us into Dallas (it only takes 30 mins as opposed to an hour's drive, woohoo!) and we will have so much fun at the Stars game.

Here's to a kickass weekend!


  1. Congrats, Stephanie! As a teacher, I tell you people like you in the schools are SO important!

    What a great opportunity for you! I'm a Kindergarten teacher, so if you need any ideas/need to vent, you know where to find me! (lol)

  2. Congrats! I've thought about being a teacher, but I probably couldn't handle it with the enthusiasm that teachers need :).

  3. KJ- I'll probably ask you for some advice and/or vent to you sometimes since I'm only going to a class a grade level above you.

    Lindsey- I'm not sure if I could handle actually being the teacher for the first graders but I can handle the job I have right now haha. I want to be a School Psychologist (what I'm going to grad school for in August, if I get in) so I think this will be good experience!

  4. Stephanie, I'll send you my e-mail address, use it if you ever need it! I know personally that it's always nice to have someone to vent to OUTSIDE of your building, who can be completely objective!

  5. Ok, where did you send it? Thanks so much! You will probably be more helpful than you know :)